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Use dustproof and waterproof materials. Can display jewelry to the maximum. Its surface uses a harmless plastic brushed surface. Make jewelry display more high-end.


  • Size:

    N1         Neck-L                                              7 1/2"X6"X 7 1/4"

    N2         Neck-M                                            5 3/4"X4 3/4"X 5 5/8"

    N3         Neck-S                                             4 3/4"X4" X4 1/2"

    C1         15 Chain Display on wall           10"(Width)x 14"(Height)

    C2         15 Chain Display on wall           8 5/8"(Width)x12 3/4"(Height)

    C3         20 Chain Display on wall          10"(Width)x11"(Height)

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